Safety Program

Outlier Construction considers safety a core value. Our team is committed to implementing a safety program that meets or exceeds state and federal OSHA requirements. Our job site safety programs result in a work environment that is neat – orderly and incident-free.

Our safety leadership team works diligently to stay current with the latest industry standards and OSHA regulations. Ongoing training ensures our entire team stays up to date on the latest safety rules and regulations. Additionally, our process includes:

  • A full-time safety director, who coordinates our safety program.

  • A safety committee, led by employees, that meets regularly to review policies and practices, communicating findings to field personnel.

  • Weekly safety audits are performed by superintendents and monthly safety audits performed by the Outlier safety director.

  • We frequently partner with Oregon OSHA to design site and task-specific safety programs.

  • Our employees and subcontractors are held to the same job site safety standards.

Company management and leadership have come up through the field and have a first-hand understanding of the value and importance of safety.

Our commitment to maintaining a safe workplace is thoughtful and executed consistently. We consistently rank above our peer set in Safety performance metrics.